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Matt Forger (Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney)
F. Troy (Mortal Loom and "Blade" remixes)
RD (#1 in Russia with a G-Man remix)
DJ Insane (#5 in Europe with a G-Man remix)
William Morosi (jazz artist "like George Duke on acid")


Try some sounds from these albums:

1. Uwannaget2gether 1. Anthem of Our Dreams
2. Jam Socket Tango 2. Sheena Sez
3. Touch When You Dance 3. Hymn to Hum
4. You Are The Drug 4. Paranormal Radio
5. Slide/Slam/Go! 5. Diva Deep Eyes
6. Shari V 6. Fall Down Go Boom
7. Object of Desire 7. Brainbump
8. Imagine You're Flying 8. ---t in the Dictionary (for Ken Lay)
9. Pure Sweet Honey 9. Crazy Time
10. Imagine UR Flying (remix) 10. Check the Tech (Tech TV)
11. Touch When U Dance (remix) 11. Ahh Ooh
  12. GoBabyGoBaby
  13. Thorne
  14. Doom & Lollipops
  15. Jenna Unspoken

The story behind the music...
The G-Man invented a new genre of music called Grin Groove that is being played in clubs from Los Angeles to Miami to Paris to Moscow. Grin Groove music starts with beats, adds a melody, and then often inserts sly, sardonic commentary to make you grin while you dance.

Songs on the albums have been compared to Moby, David Bowie, Devo, Spandau Ballet, Die Form, Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Thomas Dolby, and even Zappa.

John Scott G co-wrote the songs on James Sotelo's "Blast of Fast" album. He wrote and produced all tracks on Jonny Harmonic's "We All Love Bright Shiny Things" album.
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