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March - April 2012

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Sandra Piller ~ 2 new videos! Plus media coverage on Music News Nashville
(See # 4)
Secret Sex ~ a book about life, love & unmentionables. New chapter each weekend!
(See # 1)
eNewsChannels ~ article on the underbelly of local politics: a poltician accused of rape; cops beat down a male hustler
(See # 2)
Music Industry Newswire
"The Ellington Century" book by David Schiff
(See # 5)
Sheena Metal ~ shows on LATalkRadio, "Carnyville" at The Other Door Bar.
(See # 3)
Matt Forger ~ mixing & mastering engineer (indies & Michael Jackson)
(See # 6)
End-of-the-World $avings - clients of G-Man Marketing offer apocalypse specials
(See Special Offer)
Music Videos from FookMovie, the motion-art collective
(See Bonus item)
Music Industry Newswire "A Peek at Pook" - article on the great Jocelyn Pook
(See # 5)
New Book! - See what words will mean in the future in "Dictionary Tomorrow"
(See Bonus item)

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Secret Sex book cover

Secret Sex
by John Scott G

A new free chapter
appears every weekend


Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 / Chapter 6
Chapter 7 / Chapter 8 / Chapter 9 / Chapter 10 / Chapter 11
Chapter 12 / Chapter 13 / Chapter 14 / Chapter 15 / Chapter 16
Chapter 17 / Chapter 18 / Chapter 19

The scenes people ask about the most:
The Nurse is in Chapter 2
The Game is in Chapter 11
The Pledge is in Chapter 13
The Principal's Speech is in Chapter 15
The Art of M is in Chapter 17
The Vengeful God is in Chapter 18

> Book cover design by Phil Hatten <


ENC logo

"Local Politics or Loco Politics"
Politician and statutory rape; cops beat-down a male hustler...
Article about what goes on behind-the-scenes.
Read article now



Sheena Metal: The Head Shot

Sheena Carnyville poster

Thursday nights, Sheena Metal hosts "Carnyville" at
The Other Door BAR in the NoHo Arts District.

Read all about it (and play the radio commercial) -
Read full story

(And don't forget to tune into
Sheena's shows on LATalkRadio.com)



Sandra Piller

Sandra Piller, Jane Bach, and Nik & Sam
play The Other Door in NoHo, Mar. 22
More Info

Media announcement on
Music News Nashville
Read story now

Fan Video of Sandra performing - New!
"Say That You Love Me"
Play video now

Fan Video of Sandra singing "Easy to Love"
"starring" lots of cute animals
Play video now


MIN logo

"The Ellington Century"
Review of the new book by David Schiff
Read review now

"A Peek at Pook"
Article on the great Jocelyn Pook
Read story now


Matt Forger
Mixing/mastering engineer

Matt Forger

From "Thriller" to today's indie artists,
Matt Forger produces, mixes,
and masters great audio.

Matt is quoted in this newspaper
article by David Burger, Salt Lake Tribune:
Read the story

Read Matt's bio

(Bonus #1)

FookMovie Logo

Lovely ladies inspire me - how about you?
See video on YouTube
Song: "Angels Behind Your Eyes"

(Bonus #2)

Try the fun, the frivolity, the satire,
and the lovely outrage of fake radio spots
Androyx commercials

- Androyx 157G Phone
- Androyx Energy Drink
- Androyx Coupe
- Sweet Baby Androyx
- Senator Androyx
- Androyx Health Insurance

All 6 fake commercials are appearing exclusively during the
Sheena Metal programs on LATalkRadio.com

(Bonus #3!)

dictionary tomorrow title

See what words will mean in the future.
Plus, you can contribute to this book!
Browse the book now

Apocalypse $pecial!

"End-of-the-World Prices From
Clients of G-Man Marketing"
Read media announcement now

(And yes, I actually used the $ for the S.)

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